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VALDO Spumanti Srl - Valdobbiadene (TV)

VALDO Spumanti Srl
via Foro Boario 20
31049 Valdobbiadene (TV)
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From Conegliano: drive to Pieve di Soligo and, from here, continue in the direction of Farra di Soligo, Colbertaldo, and Vidor. After passing through the centre of Vidor, take a right turn at the intersection, and head towards Bigolino and Valdobbiadene.

From Vittorio Veneto: drive to Follina, passing through the towns of Revine Lago, Tarzo and Cison di Valmarino. From Follina continue in the direction of Miane, Combai, Guia, Santo Stefano and San Pietro di Barbozza until you reach Valdobbiadene.

From Castelfranco Veneto: take the road to Feltre/Belluno. After approximately . 20 km, on the Cornuda bypass, turn in the direction of Valdobbiadene, which is near the bottom of Monte Cesen. Cross the bridge going over the Piave River, and drive for 3 km. until you reach Valdobbiadene.

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