Techniques and technology

Passion, love and superior quality

The excellence of Valdo sparkling wines stems from the care that is taken throughout the production stages: the perfect ripening of the grapes, the Charmat fermentation method, and the bottling and packaging.

Valdo has two wineries locate over a 20,000 sqm surface area: the first winery is headquartered in the centre of Valdobbiadene where as Valdo’s historical centre the traditional production has been refined over its 80 years resulting in its present-day offering of unique and truly excellent sparkling wines. The second technologically advanced winery has been recently completed and is synonymous with excellence in sparkling wine culture where tradition meets innovation.

Valdo is a winery where technology, passion, innovation, and tradition give life to a production monitored during all stages which guarantees the extraordinary quality of every bottle displaying the Valdo label.

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