PERLAGE - House Organ VALDO Spumanti

As of June 2008, Valdo Spumanti has undertaken a new and publishing experience with the launch of "Perlage", its house organ and a real magazine targeting its high-end clientele. Corporate news will be accompanied by issues on leisure, culture and bubbles. Perlage will not be a self-referential media but a genuine magazine.


The pages of Perlage will contain interviews with celebrities from entertainment, sport, culture and business and are likely to be synonymous with Valdo high-end products and clients. The main focus of Perlage will be the promotion of Italy's sparkling wine culture; it will offer quality information by tapping into industry professionals such as renown chefs and experienced oenologists. Its enticing and elegant graphic design reflects the products of the Prestigio Line and the Sparkling Wine universe that Valdo represents.

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